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Our Texas Trip // Dallas + Magnolia Market

May 24, 2018

 Back in March we had the opportunity to visit Texas so I that could attend a photography conference in Dallas, at the beautiful White Sparrow Barn. It all came about kind of spontaneously. I was just scrolling through Facebook one afternoon when I saw an advertisement for the conference. I screenshotted it and sent it to my husband and said hey, lets go! I really didn't think we'd do it, but to my surprise he was all in and the next thing I knew we were booking our flight.


Side note: I just love that about my husband. Since day one he's supported my dreams and is always there to encourage me. I am so thankful to have him by my side. 


When the day came, we boarded our early Sunday morning flight to Dallas and set off on an adventure! Shout out to my mom for waking up super early to drive us to LAX. The girls loved flying and did really well (apart from Scarlett throwing a tantrum at takeoff because she didn't want to wear her seatbelt. At 5am. Good morning everyone!) 


After we landed and got our rental cars we headed to our air bnb in East Dallas. It was THEE cutest little place, in the most charming neighborhood. My favorite part of the house was the backyard. It had an adorable little chicken coop, and I  loved watching the girls run around and play out there. The first meal we ate was at a restaurant called Rodeo Goat in downtown Dallas. I had a delicious cobb salad with bbq steak on it, and Charles got brisket. We learned quickly that Texas really does have the BEST bbq and ate brisket with almost every meal- on top of french fries, on a baked potato, we couldn't get enough. 



{husband, take a picture of me in this cute kitchen!}








 The neighborhood had little lanes running between either side of the block. I had never seen that before, it was so quaint and cute! 


On Monday morning we got coffee at  Cultivar, a cute coffee shop that was recommended to us by some friendly locals.  I then  drove out to Quinlan for the conference, while Charles took the girls to the aquarium in downtown. They had a blast and I loved getting little updates throughout the day. The conference was uhhh-mazing!! (I will save that for a future post.)


We started Tuesday morning at Cultivar again and then I headed to day two of the conference, while Charles and the girls hung out at our air bnb and explored around White Rock Lake. I stayed a half day in Quinlan and met up with them around lunchtime. We went to the Dallas farmers market and had fun walking around, and of course ate some bomb food! 




I had some elote, the girls ate pizza! 



Brisket on top of a baked potato.. YUM!


Had some ice cream and beignets for dessert. The beignets were good, but I have to admit the ones we get at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney were better.



On Wednesday we packed up and set out for Waco. We knew that since we'd be in Texas, a visit to Magnolia was a must! The drive wasn't bad, about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Dallas. I loved the Silos so much! When we arrived we got lunch at the food trucks and explored the grounds. The girls had fun playing corn hole on the lawn while Charles and I sat and drank some Alabama Sweet Tea. Inside magnolia market was an absolute dream. I could have spent all day in there. The displays were gorgeous!!












After exploring the market we headed to the bakery for some cupcakes. I got the toasted coconut, and the girls both got the strawberries and cream. I just loved all the pretty details and thoughtful touches throughout the bakery. Every inch of it is gorgeous! I definitely wanted one of everything. 




We headed back to our new air bnb in Waco to recoup, and then came back into town for dinner. We ate at Westside Pizza Co., which is a food truck behind Heritage creamery. After dinner we stopped in and got some ice cream for dessert.




All the suppliers for Heritage Creamery are local which I thought was really cool.  





We also had to stop by Common Grounds which is right next door so I could try the famous "cowboy coffee". It was the best pick me up after a long day.  We then walked around the city and found the Shotgun House from season 3 of Fixer Upper. I wanted to walk up and look through the windows but figured that would be a little too creepy ;)




Our air bnb was AMAZING. It was on this big piece of land, and had nice updates inside. It literally felt like we jumped into the wide open spaces the Dixie Chicks sing about. There was no tv, which was great and helped us to slow down, connect with each other, and just enjoy our time together. I loved watching the girls run free in the giant field and just get outside and play.







Early the next morning I went outside and took a walk around the field with my coffee in hand. The sunrise was beautiful. I would definitely sit out there every morning if it was our home! 

 Scarlett wanted to go outside the minute she woke up, notice the bedhead ;)


As the sun got higher we packed our bags and said a goodbye to our awesome 'holiday house', as the girls like to say, and headed to Magnolia Table to get some breakfast before our flight. It was gorgeous, as expected. (Joanna Gaines will you be my BFF?!)



While we were waiting for our table, we ran into David from season 3 of Fixer Upper. He was the nicest guy and chatted with us for quite a while. Everyone we met at the restaurant and around Waco was super friendly. It was so refreshing and different than what we are used to in LA.  



 The biscuits with strawberry butter were AMAZING!!